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    Why We Love the Valmonte Area of Palos Verdes

    June 3, 2016

    By: Richard Haynes
    Why We Love the Valmonte Area of Palos Verdes

    When working with clients new to the South Bay, we like to recommend taking a strong look at the Valmonte area of Palos Verdes. This area offers so much to a home buyer from location and lifestyle to schools and recreation…Valmonte really has it all. One of the best features is that this small area offers affordable starter homes to estate properties appealing to all types of people in completely different stages in life.

    Residents can walk to the P.V. golf course or tennis club for a game, or to enjoy a morning brunch. RAT beach is just seven minutes away for those looking to enjoy some surf and sun. If you have kids, the P.V. Little League Field is in the heart of Valmonte and an easy bike ride for kids and adults alike. The Malaga Cove Plaza is host to local farmers markets and art shows and just a quick five minute drive.  Residents can find running and horse trails with breathtaking views throughout the area. And don’t forget about the P.V. Beach club right down the way!

    It is hard to fathom that this community could be in the “center of the South Bay,” but there is a lot of evidence to support that claim.
     You can drive less than 10 minutes to the Riviera Village’s popular restaurants or hit the Red Onion on top of The Hill in equal time. Residents can enjoy a beautiful drive to Terrenea in less than 20 minutes or in the same time, drive over to Steak & Whiskey in Hermosa Beach. Looking to shop? You can skip down Via Valmonte to Hawthorne Blvd in about 10 minutes and visit the newly renovated and luxurious Del Amo Fashion Center. Have a morning commute? Get to downtown L.A. in less than 30 minutes in the early morning via Anaheim Street on the 110 freeway.  Are you too baller to drive? Take an eight minute Uber to Zamperini Field in Torrance and fly your plane wherever you need to go. And we can’t forget the amazing schools options; take your choice of Peninsula or P.V. High School, both equi-distant from Valmonte and ranked high in the state for public high schools.

    If you are searching for a single-family home in the beach cities, Valmonte can offer an affordable starter home or a gorgeous mansion with land and tons of parking! Take a look at the range of homes below that keep up a healthy and happy community with a fantastic mix of residents.

    There are some cheap fixers around a million dollars (sometimes under), but take a look at these fabulous starter homes that are clean and have great back yards.

    4404 via pinzon palos verdes estates ca 4016 via opata palos verdes estates ca 101 via colusa palos verdes estates ca

    4404 Via Pinzon

    4016 Via Opata

    101 Via Colusa




    If you are looking to move-up, then there are some great options in the high $1 millions.

    300 via alcance palos verdes estates ca 2544 via anita palos verdes estates ca 3604 navajo place palos verdes estates ca

    300 Via Alcance

    2544 Via Anita

    3604 Navajo Place




    Lastly, if you are looking for a mansion/estate, Valmonte can offer that too. Or just pick up one of the older lots and build one for yourself, no problem.

    2409 via la selva palos verdes estates ca 3617 via palomino palos verdes estates ca 2921 via la selva palos verdes estates ca

    2409 Via La Selva

    3617 Via Palomino

    2921 Via La Selva




    All in all, the location to food, recreation, shopping, and work is tough to beat in the South Bay. And, no question, the public school options are perhaps the best for miles around. This lifestyle, offered with more land and recreation options, all while still enjoying the SoCal beach, is unique to the community of Valmonte. And as you can see, Valmonte offers fantastic value for your money at a multitude of different price points.

    It’s Your South Bay. Own It. 

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