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      South Bay Home Listings to Consider

      February 23, 2024

      You all know that I work really hard to get a blog posted weekly to keep you up-to-date on South Bay real estate. It is tedious work, but I know our readers benefit from it and the research keeps my r...

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      Are South Bay Home Listings Rising?

      February 8, 2024

      Residential real estate pundits and much of the Realtor industry is predicting lower interest rates and rising home inventory in 2024. If both predictions come true, it will likely make for a healthy and strong market.

      Since the start of thi...

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      Impactful High/Low South Bay Home Sales to Start 2024

      February 1, 2024

      Residential real estate is often busy in the first month of the new year, but the activity typically occurs behind the scenes with agents and clients using January to plan out the next year together.

      Clients call their agents and set meeting...

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      South Bay’s Home Sales Slump: A 1995 Comparison

      January 26, 2024

      This week’s blog is inspired by Diana Olick’s CNBC article highlighting national home sales slumping to their lowest levels since 1995. A level not seen in the housing market in nearly three decades!

      Let me share the main points of her w...

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      New California Real Estate Laws Impact South Bay

      January 18, 2024

      As the South Bay home market remains in its winter slumber, I find January a great time to review new California laws going into effect in 2024 and how it might impact real estate.

      There are numerous new laws implemented every year from Sacr...

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      How Did South Bay Home Markets Perform this Year?

      January 11, 2024

      The new year is officially in full swing.

      That means the full 2023 home market data is here for me to share with you. For all you data geeks (like me), the full year statistics are always fun to sort through and see how our South Bay home ma...

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      South Bay Real Estate: 2024 Fearless Predictions

      January 3, 2024

      Happy New Year! It is officially the first blog post of 2024.

      For me, I love a good new year’s resolution. A fresh start is a great personal way to fire up new, productive habits.

      With that said, it is tradition for me to write my annua...

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