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      South Bay Second Quarter Home Data 2024

      July 12, 2024

      Summer is in full swing, and I hope all our readers, old and new, enjoyed a safe and fun 4th of July holiday!

      We are officially in the second half of the year, and with that, the conclusion of quar...

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      South Bay Homes: What it takes to Afford One

      June 7, 2024

      I have received a few calls and emails from my blogs and podcasts regarding the California Affordability Index.

      Many investors, builders (weighing risk) and buyers express frustration with the sky-high prices and interest rates making the Ca...

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      Southern California Home Data & Notable Redondo Sale

      May 31, 2024

      I hope all of you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend relaxing and honoring our military service members who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

      For this week’s blog, I am covering two short topics:

      Macro-data beyond the Sou...

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      South Bay Real Estate: Affordability Q1 2024

      May 16, 2024

      Regular readers are likely aware of my anticipation for the release of the California Housing Affordability Index (HAI) by the California Association of Realtors every quarter.

      By now, you've probably grown accustomed to these quarterly affo...

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      South Bay Luxury Property Auction Actually Works

      May 10, 2024

      There is a lot of debate on what strategy works best when it comes to selling property.

      It is almost universally agreed here in the South Bay that homes in the median price range, with plenty of comps, are best served coming to the MLS by sl...

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      South Bay Highest & Lowest Home Sales of Q1

      April 26, 2024

      Last week I covered the tepid start to inventory this spring selling season. Luckily, we are starting to see more South Bay home listings as this week began with a surge of 20 new listings debuting on the Palos Verdes Peninsula in a matter of t...

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      South Bay Q1 Home Inventory & Rising Interest Rates

      April 19, 2024

      The hottest topics in residential real estate are high mortgage rates and low home inventory levels. Many pundits predicted falling  mortgage rates and rising inventory as major themes of 2024.

      Some saying, for example:

      “How could inte...

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      South Bay Real Estate: First Quarter Market Data

      April 5, 2024

      The majority of the South Bay is officially on spring break!

      And with the onset of the long week off, we also get the conclusion of 2024's first quarter.

      Without question, the real estate market has not gone the way many had planned i 202...

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      South Bay One-Level Homes Trending This Month

      March 15, 2024

      There are always trends in real estate.

      Sometimes it is a color trend, sometimes it is an architectural trend, and some trends can last for years or just be a flash in the pan.

      A trend this month seems to be one-level homes.

      And in rea...

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