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    South Redondo Beach Offers Many Homes by the Beach

    April 25, 2018

    By: Richard Haynes
    Homes By The Beach

    South Redondo

    If you are a buyer in the South Bay and want a wide range of options by the beach, then look no further than South Redondo.

    Many people don’t realize the wide range of options west of PCH in South Redondo (area 157 on the MLS). You can live the beach lifestyle and select from a plethora of condos or townhomes on both ends of the pricing spectrum.

    On a budget and need a low price? South Redondo has you covered. Need more room for an expanding household? South Redondo has you covered there as well. Want a luxury property with ocean views? Sure, South Redondo has something for you too.

    Let’s take a look at this market and how it offers something for everyone.

    Studio on a Budget

    Are you on a budget and don’t need a ton of space? The Village condos offer a slice of beach ownership without the crazy price. Recently, a studio sold for $580,000 (250 The Village #205). If that’s intriguing, you have another shot. Check out a slightly smaller version that needs updating: 630 The Village #302 can be yours for a super low price of $479,000.

    One Bedroom Options

    If you need a bit more space and want privacy with a bedroom, there are plenty of one-bedroom options to choose from. Not only can you head to The Village but you can also find options on Catalina close to Riviera Village or on the Esplanade right on the beach. Take a look at past sales below..

    650 The Village #211 ($600,000)
    565 Esplanade #101 ($661,000)
    1400 S Catalina Ave #207 ($575,000)

    Bummed you missed those? Don’t worry, 200 S Catalina Ave #203 offers ocean views for an affordable price and 240 The Village #210 is a huge 850 sq. ft. one-bedroom condo with a ton of space.

    Spacious Two Bedrooms

    Great two-bedroom options exist as well. Check out the $900,000 sale on Broadway which offered a very fairly priced two-bedroom unit that is still below the $1 million threshold many buyers covet.

    If you missed this two-bedroom option south of Torrance Blvd,  you are in luck because there is another two-bedroom on Broadway asking an even better price of $849,000.

    Growing Household Homes

    If you like Broadway, but need a third bedroom to accommodate a growing household, then South Redondo can still fill that need. A three-bedroom three-bathroom townhome unit with a ton of space recently closed for $1,275,000.

    There is still an option for you a couple blocks up the street as a three-bedroom town home is asking $1,399,00 but you get slightly more sq. ft. and a 4th bathroom.

    Sick of Broadway? Well there are options on many other streets. For instance, 620 Catalina was a discounted option to Broadway selling for over-asking at $1,033,000.

    My new listing at 425 S Catalina Ave #6 offers a similar price at $1,089,000 but for 600 sq. ft. more. This one gives you the best bang for your buck anywhere and not one to miss.

    Luxury Housing for the Discerning Buyer

    If budget is not your focus, then South Redondo can offer some of the most compelling beach options in Southern California. 1000 Esplanade #D is a gorgeous new construction that sits atop the Redondo Bluffs over-looking the pristine beach and Pacific Ocean. For under $5,000,000, it is tough to find a location in southern California that has amenities and views  to compete with this property.

    Do not fret if you missed this one, the owner of the building ended up renting a couple of the units. Surely, offers would be reviewed and considered for the right price. Check out these units that ended up renting here.

    As you can see, South Redondo can offer beach real estate from studios to luxury condos at all ends of the price spectrum. This creates a healthy market for the long term along with options for all income levels to help support a balanced and stable community.

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