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    South Bay Real Estate Home “Naughty or Nice” Checklist

    December 23, 2019

    By: Richard Haynes
    South Bay Real Estate

    Since we are on a holiday week and skipping out for the holidays by the end of today, I am being “naughty” by writing a short blog post this week, but “nice” because I really am committed to doing this blog each and every week! Not sure if that earns me the “nice” badge of honor, but it definitely helps me justify this post.

    These items are just some of the things you should be doing or researching now in preparation for your real estate acquisition or disposition in the coming year. There is a lot more to consider than the items below, but here are some tips to get you started.

    Home Buyers

    Be sure to do the research on your local areas! You need to know intimate city details that only locals will know. Here are just a tiny fraction of details throughout the South Bay area.

    Manhattan Beach

    El Porto has A LOT going on right now. The undergrounding of power lines is going to happen. Be sure to do your research on what it will cost and how it will affect your future property tax bill. Additionally, you need to do your homework on how the neighboring proposed desalination plant might affect home values in the future.

    Hermosa Beach

    North School is going to re-open. There will be construction and there will be new traffic as potential negatives. On the other hand, there will be a re-constructed school, so there will be more resources to kids as potential positives. Be sure to balance all of it!

    Redondo Beach

    The Redondo Beach Pier redevelopment is a big deal. You need to know what is going on and how it will affect the city. Furthermore, the AES power plant is being decommissioned, so you will also want to know what is being developed and the parkland that could be coming. And finally, what will happen with those power lines? Stay on top of it!

    The Palos Verdes Hill

    There are four cities on the Palos Verdes Peninsula and unincorporated areas as well. Be sure to know the differences! Understand that the P.V. Homeowners Association has power over design via the Art Jury, which can complicate and slow the remodel process immensely. While Palos Verdes Estates is known for the Art Jury, there are areas of Rancho Palos Verdes that are subject to Art Jury approval.

    Don’t forget to research how ADUs may affect large lots on the Hill! It will be a game changer for this community in the next decade.

    These points are just scratching the surface of the laundry list of items you need to research locally to be a smart and educated buyer in today’s South Bay marketplace.

    Home Sellers

    For home sellers, the list is long as well. But for those who want to get a brief idea of what to do and how to prepare, the three points below will get you started.

    1. Study the home-style trends and what is selling quickly and for top dollar. Then, consider new paint to match those trends along with staging to have your house really stand out from the rest.
    2. You or your agent must hire a professional photographer that specializes in real estate photography. Your new iPhone 11 Pro will not cut it, nor will a photographer that specializes in head-shots. Professional. Real Estate. Photographer. Only!
    3. Finally, post your property to the MLS. It is the most efficient marketplace to get the highest and best price. 98% of the time, it is the right call. And soon, it will be “illegal” for most agents to not take your home to the MLS. I will write about this topic in the new year. Why require agents to put property on the MLS? Because consumers benefit the most…don’t shy away with your valuable asset!

    There you have it, take on the items in this post and you’ll be rewarded.

    Don’t follow this list and you might find coal in your real estate stocking in the new year.

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