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    South Bay Home Market’s Little-Known Benefits

    March 24, 2023

    By: Richard Haynes

    This week I thought it would be nice to throw out a little write-up on little-known benefits of our South Bay cities for people considering a move to the South Bay.

    If you live in one of these cities, it might be a “duh – we all know that, Richard,” but it is hard to know some of each city’s hidden benefits without living there.

    Further, you never know when you might consider moving to a nearby city in the South Bay, so I bet you might learn something in the process! Give below a read.

    If you have been following my Instagram, then you know I have loved sharing “Hidden Gems” of the South Bay – everything from food to the best parks!

    Palos Verdes Estates

    The city of Palos Verdes Estates is known for is hidden coastal coves and gorgeous view hikes, but there are two lesser known benefits to residents.

    The Palos Verdes Beach & Athletic Club is owned by the city and was built in 1930. It likely could never be built again and easily competes with the pricey beach clubs in West Los Angeles, at just a fraction of the cost.

    For the most part, only city residents can join, and the waiting list is somewhere between seven to 10 years. Look at the website and most are blown away that it even exists.

    Another additional benefit in PVE is that you never have to remember to take out the trash!

    Most people laugh at this little-known benefit, but our clients rave about the convenience once moving in. The city contracts with Athens Services who is required to go into all residents side yards, backyard, etc. to collect trash and take it to the trucks on the street.

    Never forget your trash day again and ugly trash cans on the street are forbidden.

    Manhattan Beach

    Some of you may only follow me on this blog, but below is a taste of our Instagram if you have not followed along yet:

    Sand Dune Park

    Badminton Club

    First and foremost, Manhattan Beach is the food capital of the South Bay. Downtown Manhattan Beach has an embarrassment of riches when it comes to fine dining and amazing food options. What’s more, Manhattan Village’s remodel has put a focus on restaurants that have elevated the food scene to a whole new level.

    Greater L.A. foodies do not give the South Bay the respect it deserves when it comes to restaurants. I would put up MB’s 3.9 square miles worth of eateries against any other 3.9 square miles in greater L.A. – you won’t find an area that competes.

    Lastly, Manhattan Beach Holiday Fireworks in December really needs no explanation.

    Have a look here if you are unfamiliar.

    Palos Verdes Peninsula & Rolling Hills

    Next up I am combining two areas of the Palos Verdes hill into one – the small residential city of Rolling Hills and the unincorporated area known as Palos Verdes Peninsula.

    First up, Rolling Hills – referred to by locals as “Behind the Gates.”

    This city is larger than Manhattan Beach in square miles and is fully gated. There are only three entrances manned by gate guards.

    As a result, it is one of the safest cities in America. Most do not realize they drive right by it and that Google Maps takes you around it. Do not confuse Rolling Hills Estates and Rolling Hills – they are two wholly different cities and areas.

    The Palos Verdes Peninsula neighborhoods are on the P.V. hill but are attached to none of the peninsula’s four cities.

    That means L.A. County building codes. And L.A. County building codes means some of the least stringent building restrictions around.

    Buy your big property and build a massive home – ADUs, basketball courts, horses, crops, oversized garages, pools and more pools.

    The prices in PVP are super reasonable too.

    Redondo Beach

    There is so much to love about Redondo Beach, take a look at one of my favorite “Hidden Gems” below:

    Wilderness Park

    And let’s not forget the famous Riviera Village is arguably one of the best “downtowns” in all the South Bay. It is unknown to most greater LA residents (and many South Bay residents), but its charm, walkable restaurants, and local events are unmatched.

    Additionally, King Harbor is a special asset to the South Bay.

    If you are in L.A. and are an avid boater, fisherman, etc. – then you really only have three options: Marina Del Rey to the north and San Pedro/Long Beach to the south.

    And that is right, Redondo’s King Harbor is the third option. While everyone locally to the South Bay knows about it, the harbor’s significance cannot be understated.

    Bonus: Be sure to follow along with the AES power plant redevelopment that could be a boon to the South Redondo real estate market if you like to speculate on real estate.

    Rolling Hills Estates

    Rolling Hills Estates is next up and there are truly loads of unknown benefits to this Palos Verdes city.

    Let me start with RHE as the “capitol of clubs” here in the South Bay.

    The newly redeveloped Rolling Hills Country Club is a world class golf and social club fit with an 18-hole links golf course and a massive pool with club entertainment space. No where else in the South Bay can match up with this brand-new facility. Take a look: RHCC

    Nearby is the Jack Kramer Club which features pool and tennis membership that is among one of the best deals in the South Bay.

    And finally, The Empty Saddle Riding Club for horse lovers.

    If you are looking for something outside of clubs, then in the springtime stop by for a good ole slice of Americana.

    Rolling Hills Little League is the “Field of Dreams” of the South Bay.

    One must take a dirt road around Dapplegray Elementary to get to a secluded canyon field that few know about. It is truly one of the great hidden jewels of Palos Verdes.

    Hermosa Beach

    Arguably, Hermosa Beach benefits from being in the best location in all of the South Bay.

    That location being a direct bullseye between the iconic Manhattan Beach Pier and Redondo’s King Harbor and pier. Oh, and of course, Hermosa has its own pier as well.

    One can easily bike south to Lobsterfest in Redondo Beach or the Beachlife Festival, among a plethora of dining options around the pier, or even cruise all the way to The Esplanade and Riviera Village.

    Bike north to Manhattan Beach Blvd and the high-end restaurants or pedal to El Porto and eat at the north end eateries in MB.

    Stay local and bike to Hermosa’s own pier with its own unique watering holes and food establishments.

    And lastly, a lesser known benefit of Hermosa Beach’s education system – choose between two top-flight high schools.

    That’s right, Hermosa Beach residents/students can choose to head to Redondo Union High School or Manhattan Beach Mira Costa.

    Rancho Palos Verdes

    Last but not least is Rancho Palos Verdes and a couple of sneaky benefits.

    In case you did not know, Terranea is in the city of Rancho Palos Verdes. As a result, any resident looking to do a little “staycation” gets a locals-only discount. Make sure to let the hotel you are an RPV resident, and you’ll save some money.

    Just like Palos Verdes Estates, RPV has its own private beach club that is another hidden gem of the South Bay.

    The Portuguese Bend Club is a residents and member-only club with private beach, paddle tennis, and numerous other amenities. There is really nothing else like it in the South Bay.

    Look at the website here.


    I hope you learned a few new things about your local South Bay community and some of the many lesser-known benefits.

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