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    A Missed Blog, Upcoming Podcasts, and Quarterly Numbers

    April 1, 2022

    By: Richard Haynes
    A Missed Blog, Upcoming Podcasts, and Quarterly Numbers

    For the first time over the better part of six years, I missed a weekly real estate blog post.

    I am quite confident that no one cares!

    But, this weekly blog is something that I am proudly committed to for my business, where I can offer free insight that digs deeper into the nuances of the South Bay home market.

    On two occasions over the past six years, readers received an announcement of the birth of a son, but outside of that, it was all real estate related, each and every week for just about six years straight. Weddings, honeymoon, vacations be damned – a blog must be done!

    I consider myself lucky enough to have gone that long.

    With this incredible, once in a lifetime real estate market, things frankly just got too busy. And I got worn out – fatigue and stress do build up and sometimes our bodies just break down.

    As a result, I got sick, and the blog had to be sacrificed for the first time in a long time.

    It also turns out, I tested positive for Covid. After avoiding it for two years and having my Moderna vaccine, now with masks off and in my face-to-face job, the virus finally got to me.

    In all honesty, I failed to get my booster shot. Too busy, too stressed, and it looks like I am paying for that now.

    The moral of the story is that no one cares that I missed a blog!

    The second part of the story is, please take some time for you and your health. I will be focusing on that more and more going forward.

    And, next week I will be back full speed.

    Upcoming Podcast Suggestions

    This week, I had multiple people reach out asking about the podcast or making suggestions. Thank you!

    I hope to get back to business on the podcast as soon as next week. Below is a blend of suggestions and topics that I will consider covering:

    • With home price up so much, are income properties a better value now?
    • It seems that younger generation and designers are ready for better, not bigger homes.
    • Quarterly number for the first quarter of 2022.
    • Real estate gains vs. stock market gains.
    • How to compete in this market as a buyer and our clients’ success stories.

    Please, please, please keep making suggestions!

    I love them and it helps me get out of my comfort zone to deliver on topics that you want to hear.

    Quarterly Numbers & Reports

    Today marks the beginning of the second quarter which means: first quarter results!

    Quarterly numbers will be hot off the press for the blog next week.

    I will share the good old-fashioned year-over-year quarterly numbers for the Palos Verdes Peninsula, Manhattan, Hermosa, and Redondo Beach cities.

    We expect the numbers to be an absolute blowout. I will also share some context on the surge in interest rates over the past few weeks and how that could drastically change the California Affordability Index that is about two months away. It is going to be one of the, if not THE, most important reports of the year.


    Thanks for your patience with me after a missed blog, and what feels like another missed one today.

    I hope to deliver some valuable podcasts, quarterly numbers, and a few extra goodies here or there.

    Feel free to send me any and all topics you want to learn more about, and I’ll do my best to make it happen.

    Stay well!

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